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Colour Disclaimer: Colours shown may vary from actual pre-painted roofing sheets.

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Aluzinc sheets: Aluzinc sheeting is made up of 55% aluminum and 45% zinc alloy. It is an ideal material for roofing as the combination of elements allows for high corrosion resistance resulting in longer life for the material. Aluzinc sheeting is made to meet the international standard meeting the ASTM Specification A792

Silicone Modified Polyester Coating: This paint blend gives the sheeting a better gloss retention and higher weather resistance than regular polyester. SMP coated sheeting fades in unison as opposed to patch fading which you would see happening with Polyester sheeting.

Polyvinyl Fluoride Coating: This paint system provides superior durability and resistance to corrosion. The chemical bond makes it resistant to sunlight, moisture and pollutants. PVDF Coated sheets come with a 20 year warranty from natural fading.

The gauge of sheeting is the thickness of the sheet. 24 gauge is the thickest while 28 gauge is the thinnest. We recommend 26 Gauge sheeting for roofing.


Industrial Seven 40″ WIDE, Island Wave 43″ WIDE, Bel Rib 42″ WIDE, Normal Corrugation 42″ WIDE, Stading Seam 18″ ( Reversed )




0.4MM (28G), O.5MM (26G), 0.6MM (24G)


Aluzinc, Caramel Brown, Caulfield Green, Charcoal Grey, Fountain Blue, Gun Metal Grey, Heritage Red, Ibis Grey, Metallic Copper, Morning Fog, Nile Blue, Pimento Red, Pure Orange, Ruby Red, Seawall Green, Tuscaan Red

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