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Let’s talk everything roofing… at Island Roofing & Hardware Solutions Limited our priority is always the highest quality material. We want to make sure your roofing material lasts you as long as it possibly can as well as providing you with the best look.

To help you understand more about our products we’ve included some information below about our material that can be useful for you when making your roofing choices:

When purchasing painted sheeting, other suppliers provide polyester coated sheeting whereas we provide silicone modified polyester (SMP) coated sheeting. SMP Sheeting offers a list of benefits as opposed to plain polyester, such as:

  • SMP Coated sheeting fades in unison as opposed to regular polyester which fades in patching. While SMP coated sheeting will still fade, your entire roof will fade at the same rate giving it a better look than regular polyester.
  • The blend of silicone and polyester allows for better gloss retention and weather resistance.
  • The paint blend adds an additional layer of protection to the steel by creating a barrier from moisture, oxygen and other corrosion induced chemicals.
This paint system provides superior durability and resistance to corrosion and weather elements. The chemical bond makes it resistant to sunlight, moisture and pollutants. We provide a 20 year warranty from natural fading for PVDF coated material.
Given that our main priority is always providing the best quality of material to you, Island Roofing and Hardware Solutions was one of the first roofing companies to receive TTBS approval for our roofing sheets (TTS 69:2019) and C & Z purlins (TTS 598-2019). Having these certifications ensures you, our customers, that our material has been tested and approved by TTBS for being suitable quality for your building needs.
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